Vol. 43 • September 1996 • No. 4

Editor's Page 5
Walzer, Michael
Chain gangs 7
Lichtenstein, Alex
Public executions 10
Kirp, David
Sex segregation and the war between the states 12
Epstein, Cynthia Fuchs
The tragedy of Israeli labor 15
Cohen, Mitchell
Italy 21
Barkan, Joanne
European federalism 28
Urbinati, Nadia
Clinton and the Democrats: The Party of Reluctant Retreat 35
Meyerson, Harold
The Poverty of Progressivism 40
Isaac, Jeffrey C.
Responses 50
Dionne, E.J.
Responses 51
Levinson, Mark
Responses 53
Mansbridge, Jane
Responses 55
Rogers, Joel
Responses 57
Wilentz, Sean
Welfare and the Transformation of Electoral Politics 61
Piven, Frances Fox
Block Grants and the End of Children's Rights 68
Rule, James B. & Lambiase, Susan
Making Mothers "Work" 73
Cancian, Maria & Gordon, Linda
Two Poems 76
Levine, Philip
A Strategy for Labor 78
Rathke, Wade & Rogers, Joel
Immigrant Dreams 85
Mort, Jo-Ann
A Progressive Privatization Plan for Amtrak 88
Blasi, Joseph
Transgressing the Boundaries: An Afterword 93
Sokal, Alan D.
Michael Harrington and the Debs-Thomas Tradition 100
Isserman, Maurice
Lesser evilism 111
Hitchens, Christopher
The strangeness of free speech 117
Bromwich, David
The Modern Language Association job clinic 120
Conant, Oliver
Left-wing snobs 123
Packer, George
Nelson Lichtenstein's The Most Dangerous Man in Detroit 128
Brody, David
John Gray's Enlightenment's Wake 132
Scialabba, George
Beyond Queer: Challenging Gay Left Orthodoxy, edited by Bruce Bawer 136
Kirp, David
Remember Bernard Rosenberg 139
Walzer, Michael
Remember Bernard Rosenberg: Always "In Opposition" 140
Hausknecht, Murray
Letters 142
The Last Page 144
Berman, Paul

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