Vol. 43 • April 1996 • No. 2

Editor's Page 5
Walzer, Michael
Progressive taxation 7
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques
The true facts of "black crime," 8
Reiman, Jeffrey & Dreier, Peter
The long-term effects of the Thomas-Hill hearings and the O.J. Simpson case 10
Rosen, Ruth
GATT and the erosion of labor rights and environmental standards 12
Laarman, Peter
The Czech Republic's relation to the "New Europe," 15
Kohák, Erazim
The French strikes 17
Bornstein, Stephen & Tixier, Pierre-Eric
Ideology and the war for Cuba's soul and markets 19
Campa, Roman de la
Underpaid Workers, Bloated Corporations 23
Gordon, David M.
Promoting Democracy in a Postmodern World 35
Carothers, Thomas
Prostitution and the Case for Decriminalization 41
Shrage, Laurie
Why Health Care Reform Failed 46
Tomasky, Michael
The Real Costs of Education 56
Rothstein, Richard
A Tale of Two School Systems: Funding in the United States and Italy 60
Nappi, Chiara R.
Troubled Times for Public Higher Education 67
Hanley, Larry
Colin Powell: A Flight from Power? 71
Kilson, Martin
Turning Inward: Black Organizations Regain Importance 76
Garrow, David J.
Farrakhan's Middle-Class Revival Comes to Howard 79
Richards, Phillip M.
Holding Hands: African-Americans Reclaim the Rural South 85
Stack, Carol
Why We Need an Independent Politics, and How to Build it 91
Rogers, Joel
Why We Need an Independent Politics, and How to Build it: Replies 94
Kazin, Michael
Nationalism Near and Far 95
Rule, James B.
Nationalism Near and Far: Replies 96
Cohen, Mitchell
Sheila Rowbotham's Woman's Consciousness, Man's World 101
Mort, Jo-Ann
The Baffler 105
Glenn, David
Michael Lind's The Next American Nation 109
Rorty, Richard
Irving Kristol's Neo-Conservatism 112
Ryan, Alan
Fred Inglis's Raymond Williams 114
Collini, Stefan
Will Hutton's The State We're In 119
Eatwell, John
Letters 124
The Last Page 128
Mills, Nicolaus

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