Vol. 42 • September 1995 • No. 4

Walzer, Michael
Looks backward at the Republican 437
Levinson, Mark
Asks why the eagerness to assault City University 441
Kasinitz, Philip
Institutionalized meanness 444
Hausknecht, Murray
The strange death of Tory England 447
Gray, John
The French left after the presidential election 453
Roman, Joël
European environmental policy 455
Tindale, Stephen
Finds Potemkin villages in Pyongyang 458
Epstein, Marc
Affirmative Action 461
Barkan, Joanne
Affirmative Action 463
Epstein, Cynthia Fuchs
Affirmative Action 465
Hacker, Andrew
Affirmative Action 467
Held, Virginia
Affirmative Action 469
Kilson, Martin
Affirmative Action 470
Lind, Michael
Affirmative Action 472
Mills, Nicolaus
Affirmative Action 473
Rodriguez, Richard
Affirmative Action 475
Watts, Jerry
Toward a Chinese Feminism 477
Chun, Lin
The Demonization of Political Correctness 486
Gitlin, Todd
The End of Politics and the Rise of the Radical Right 498
Mouffe, Chantal
Freedom for Technology! 503
Beck, Ulrich
The Wonderful Woman on the Pavement: Middle-Ageism in the Postmodern Economy 508
Gullette, Margaret Morganroth
Oscar Wilde's Socialism 515
Hitchens, Christopher
Debate Race and the Democratic Process 521
Guinier, Lani
Debate Race and the Democratic Process: Replies 526
Plotke, David
Freud's Time has Passed 530
Crews, Frederick
Freud's Time has Passed:Replies 531
Goodheart, Eugene
Bureaucracy and Markets 533
Ross, Benjamin
Guns and Women 536
Epstein, Cynthia Fuchs
The Second Locarno Conference 537
Walzer, Michael
Rachel Carson's Silent Spring 539
Garb, Yaakov
In Memoriam 546
Eckstein, George
Hilton Kramer and Roger Kimball's collection, Against the Grain:The New Criterion on Art and Intellect at the End of the Twentieth Century 547
Scialabba, George
Robert S. McNamara's In Retrospect 550
Hoffmann, Stanley
Gregg Easterbrook's A Moment on the Earth 553
Orr, David W
Letters 556
The Last Page 560
Mort, Jo-Ann

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