Vol. 42 • July 1995 • No. 3

Editor's Page 291
Cohen, Mitchell
Race, celebrity, and intellectuals 293
Wilentz, Sean
Television and conservative politics 299
Scheuer, Jeffrey
George Pataki as a postmodern figure 301
Hearn, Frank
The British Labor Party 303
Mandler, Peter
Russian reform 307
Daniels, Robert V.
Nationalism and Eastern Europe 313
Liebich, André
Democracy, Romanian style 318
Tismaneanu, Vladimir
5O Years After Hiroshima 321
Elshtain, Jean Bethke
5O Years After Hiroshima 323
Rawls, John
5O Years After Hiroshima 328
Takaki, Ronald
5O Years After Hiroshima 330
Walzer, Michael
Modernism and Human Rights Near the Millennium 333
Berman, Marshall
Alchemy or Fool's Gold? Assessing Feminist Doubts About Rights 342
Kiss, Elizabeth
Against Government: The Contract With America 348
Plotke, David
Are We a Nation? An Argument for "Trans-America" 355
Lind, Michael
Criminalizing the Rights of Labor 363
Brody, David
Paradoxes of Black American Leadership 368
Kilson, Martin
Globalization and Democracy 373
Robinson, Ian
The Welfare State at Risk 381
Brand, H.
Religious Right Thrives in a Red-Hot Vacuum 389
Laarman, Peter
Religious Right Thrives in a Red-Hot Vacuum: Replies 391
Ribuffo, Leo
Gambling in America 393
Packer, George
Savage Pleasures 397
Mills, Nicolaus
Reviews Four Feminist Magazines 401
Satz, Debra
Christopher Lasch's the Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy 407
Scialabba, George
Gertrude Himmelfarb's the Demoralization of Society: From Victorian Virtues to Modern Values 414
Collini, Stefan
Noam Chomsky's World Orders, Old and New 419
Wolin, Richard
David Rieff's Slaughterhouse: Bosnia and the Failure of the West 423
Denitch, Bogdan
Andre Markovits and Phillip Gorski's The German Left: Red, Green and Beyond 425
Birnbaum, Norman
Letters 428
The Last Page 432
Walzer, Michael

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