Vol. 42 • April 1995 • No. 2

Editor's Page 147
Walzer, Michael
American populism 149
Wilentz, Sean
The Democrats' identity crisis 153
Meyerson, Harold
Feminism after the fall elections 158
Hartmann, Heidi
Talk radio and the left 160
Wiener, Jon
The right's choice of words 164
Bromwich, David
Orphans and Republicans 167
Nord, Deborah Epstein
Mexico as Clinton's Vietnam 169
Faux, Jeff
The latest version of the Christian right 174
Ribuffo, Leo P.
The Republicans' economic agenda 176
Levinson, Mark
Labor's troubles 179
Mort, Jo-Ann
Hard questions for the left 182
Knight, Charles
Going local 184
Isaac, Jeffrey C.
The death knells for affirmative action 189
Mills, Nicolaus
Lessons from the Bosnian War 193
Denitch, Bogdan
The prospects for a Pacific century 195
Bell, Daniel
Democracy in Brazil 202
Hirschman, Albert 0.
Germany's postcommunists 204
Rabinbach, Anson
Cuba and its exiles 207
Campa, Román de la
The War Against Welfare 211
Brodkin, Evelyn Z.
Racial Politics and the Clinton-Guinier Episode 221
Plotke, David
Freud on Trial 236
Goodheart, Eugene
Communist Breakdown, Social Democratic Paralysis 244
Daniels, Robert V.
Simple Truths About the Politics of Unemployment 249
Nowotny, Thomas
Socialism as a Regulative Idea: Irving Howe's Utopianism 254
Cohen, Mitchell
Some Flowers (for Irving Howe) 258
Moss, Stanley
Critical Revisions 259
Fox, Paula
Takes issue with Richard Rorty 263
Lukes, Steven
Responds 264
Rorty, Richard
Technology and the prospects for democracy 266
Knei-Paz, Baruch
Television and role models 269
Morton, Brian
Reviews Democratic Culture 273
Conant, Oliver
Eugene Genovese's The Southern Tradition: The Achievement and Limitations of an American Conservatism 276
Fredrickson, George M.
Katha Pollitt's Reasonable Creatures 280
Stansell, Christine
Russell Jacoby's Dogmatic Wisdom 283
Ryan, Alan
The Last Page 288
Berman, Paul

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