Vol. 41 • January 1994 • No. 1

Editor's Page 3
Cohen, Mitchell
A Symposium 7
Barkan, Joanne
A Symposium 8
Berman, Paul
A Symposium 10
Cohen, Jean L.
A Symposium 11
Cesar, Lewis
A Symposium 12
Gitlin, Todd
A Symposium 13
Kilson, Martin
A Symposium 14
Snitow, Ann
A Symposium 15
West, Cornell
A Symposium 16
Wilentz, Sean
"The Parade," 18
Hollander, John
Comments on the Mideast peace agreement 19
Frankel, Jonathan
Zureik, Elia
Brazil 27
Berman, Marshall
Upheaval in Russia 32
Daniels, Robert V.
Threats to civil rights in the Czech Republic 35
Kohák, Erazim
The Polish elections 38
Kowalik, Tadeusz
Haiti 41
Packer, George
The Politics of Health Reform 43
Fein, Rashi
What Thatcher Did To British Health Care 52
Coote, Anna
The Future of the Labor Movement in Historical Perspective 57
Brody, David
Multiculturalism: A Liberal Perspective 67
Raz, Joseph
A Talk to Teachers 80
Meier, Deborah
Making Single Motherhood Normal 88
Young, Iris Marion
Social Democracy and the Europe of Tomorrow 94
Sassoon, Donald
Natural Law and the Paradox of Evil 102
Heller, Agnes
The Liberal Socialism of Carlo Rosselli An excerpt from Rosselli's Liberal Socialism, with an introduction 113
Urbinati, Nadia
Rosselli, Carlo
Bosnia and nationalism 124
Denitch, Bogdan
Bosnia and nationalism 125
Nairn, Tom
Asks what's new about the New Yorker 127
Conant, Oliver
The Republican courtship of the religious right 131
Hausknecht, Murray
The demise of Christianity & Crisis 134
Phillips, Maxine
The joyless recovery 136
Mishel, Lawrence & Bernstein, Jared
John Rawls's Political Liberalism 139
Anderson, Perry
Stephen L. Carter's The Culture of Disbelief: How Law and Politics Trivialize Religious Devotion 144
Laarman, Peter
Judith Lewis Herman's Trauma and Recovery 147
Rosen, Ruth
A William Appleman Williams Reader, edited by Henry W.Berger 150
Rice-Maximin, Eric & Buhle, Paul
Teresa Ghilarducci's Labor's Capital: The Economics and Politics of Private Pensions 153
Brand, H.
Letters 156
The Last Page 160
Mills, Nicolaus

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