Vol. 40 • April 1993 • No. 2

Utopianism 131
Howe, Irving
"Letter from Washington" on Clinton and the middle class 133
Molyneux's, Guy
Where Will Clinton Go? 137
Meyerson, Harold
Regarding Clinton's Economic Package 142
Levinson, Mark
What We Need in Health Care 146
Fein, Rashi
Health Insurance in Canada 148
Morton, Desmond
Clinton and the "Race Issue," 151
Kilson, Martin
Toward a Democratic Foreign Policy 153
Denitch, Bogdan
What Labor Wants-And Needs 157
Mort, Jo-Ann
Unions and the New Administration 159
Rothstein, Richard
Remaking Our Economy 166
Block, Fred
The Rise of "Identity Politics" 172
Gitlin, Todd
On Loss: The Condition of Germany 178
Grass, Günter
Who Am I? Dilemmas of an Arab Intellectual 189
Makiya, Kanan
Who Will Own "Nobody's Property"? 201
Bogomolov, Oleg
Defending Our Children 211
Phillips, Maxine
Child Advocacy 213
Amidei, Nancy
Children of the Future 221
Berman, Marshall
In Defense of Public Education 226
Kohl, Herbert
Race and Foster Care 233
Markowitz, Gerald & Rosner, David
Erlich and Alter 239
Isserman, Maurice
Embracing socialism 241
Hausknecht, Murray
Human rights in Chinese prisons 243
Dicker, Richard
An economy in trouble 245
Diamond, Joseph
Market socialism 246
Horvat, Branko
Negotiating the Future: A Labor Perspective on American Business, by Barry Bluestone and Irving Bluestone 249
Metzgar, Jack
Camille Paglia's Sex, Art, and American Culture: Essays 251
Willis, Ellen
Malcolm X in Our Own Image, edited by Joe Wood 255
Lester, Julius
E.P. Thompson's Customs in Common 257
Mandler, Peter
The Passion of Michel Foucault, by James Miller 259
Wolin, Richard
Morris Dickstein's Double Agent: The Critic & Society 263
Boyers, Robert
Harold Bloom's The American Religion: The Emergence of the Post-Christian Nation 265
Molesworth, Charles

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