Vol. 3 • September 1956 • No. 4

A Letter to Picasso 340
Milosz, Czeslaw
Notes on the Elections 341
Howe, Irving & Plastrik, Stanley
America as a "Mass Society" 346
Reagan, Michael
Capital Accumulation and Socialist Politics 357
Strachey, John
Marxism: Criticism and/or Action 366
Rosenberg, Harold
The Economics of War and Peace 376
Mattick, Paul
The "Power Elite" Two Views 390
Rosenberg, Bernard
The "Power Elite": Two Views 393
Walter, E. V.
Human rights in Okinawa 399
Mears, Helen
The Travail of U.S. Communists 406
Walzer, Michael
The Crisis in Italian Communism 411
Vittorelli, Paolo
American Notebook: The Haunted Hall: the I. W. W. At fifty 414
Wakefield, Dan
The Politics of Psychological Testing 419
Bennet, John
Populism as Bogey-Man 423
Hausknecht, Murray
Viewing a World in Conflict 426
Brand, Horst
Marx as Sociologist 429
Coser, Lewis
First Hearing on "Subversive List" 431
Haskell, Gordon
Russia and the Monthly Review 433
H, I.
The Tragedy at Parris Island 435
Mailer, Norman

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