Vol. 3 • January 1956 • No. 1

The Ordeal of Henry J 2
P., S.
The Politics of "Moderation" 3
H., I.
British Labor Views the Future 7
Plastrik, Stanley
On Work and Play In Industrial Society The World as Phantom and as Matrix 14
Anders, Gunther
Attitudes to Mass Culture 25
Rosenberg, Bernard
Life in the Factory 29
Andrieux & Lignon
The Right to Be Lazy 37
Rabassiere, Henri
The "New American Right" 45
Rosenberg, Bernard
Keynesian Economics-A Critique 51
Selignan, Ben B.
Silone and the Radical Conscience 68
Howe, Irving
The Masses and the Elite 75
Walter, Eugene Victor
A Reply to Erich Fromm 79
Marcuse, Herbert
A Counter-Rebuttal 81
Fromm, Erich
The Insane Society 84
P., H.
Juvenile Delinquency and Class Conflict 89
Shapiro, Gilbert
INDEX, 1954-1955 101

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