Vol. 39 • July 1992 • No. 3

Introduction 293
Kilson, Martin & Cohen, Mitchell
The Crisis of Legitimacy in Africa 296
Irele, Abiola
The Specter of Anarchy: African States Verging on Dissolution 303
Zolberg, Aristide R.
Africa: Democratic Theory and Democratic Struggles 312
Mamdani, Mahmood
The African Woman Today 319
Aidoo, Ama Ata
The Claws of Dictatorship in Zaire 326
Komisar, Lucy
Why Can't the North Understand Africa? 331
Mahieu, Francois Regis
Uses and Abuses of African Debt 335
George, Susan
African Literature as Celebration: Reflections of a Novelist 344
Achebe, Chinua
African Cinema 350
Wagner, Tereza & Ondobo, Claude
Literature in Postcolonial Africa 353
Jeyifo, Biodun
African Americans and Africa: A Critical Nexus 361
Kilson, Martin
South Africa: Reconstructing an Imperial State 370
Ashforth, Adam
The Unions of South Africa 378
Freund, Bill
A Letter from East Africa 386
Onyango-Obbo, Charles
Can Africa Conquer Famine? 390
Waal, Alex de & Duffield, Mark
AIDS in Africa 397
Schear, Stuart
The Future of Socialism in Africa 399
Sklar, Richard L.
The Future of Socialism in Africa: Comments 405
Bewitch, Bogdan
The Future of Socialism in Africa: Replies 407
Sklar, Richard
Islam and Politics in Black Africa 408
Radu, Michael
A Letter from Zimbabwe 414
Ngara, Emmanuel

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