Vol. 39 • January 1992 • No. 1

Limping economy 5
Levinson, Mark
Capitalism Has Not Won, Socialism Is Not Dead 7
Avineri, Shlomo
Reforming the Soviet Economy 12
Brand, H.
Changes in Russia and the American Right 16
Brumberg, Abraham
Multiculturalism in the Public Schools 23
Hymowitz, Kay S.
Edited and with an introduction 31
Mills, Nicolaus
The Breakdown of Labor's Social Contract 32
Brody, David
Training a Skilled Work Force 42
Reich, Robert B.
The New, Young Organizers 47
Kusnet, David
Class Interest, Liberal Style 51
Packer, George
On Becoming a Movement 57
Trumka, Richard L.
Beyond Industrial Unionism 61
Kessler-Harris, Alice & Silverman, Bertram
"Employee Involvement" Plans 67
Metzgar, Jack
Union Busting, Past and Present 73
Moberg, David
How the Media "Cover" Labor 81
Mort, Jo-Ann
The Decline of Labor 86
Salvatore, Nick
Mansion subsidies 93
Atlas, John & Dreier, Peter
Being wrong about rights 94
Newman, Stephen L.
Steven Fraser's Labor Will Rule: Sidney Hillman and the Rise of American Labor 97
Montgomery, David
Unions and Economic Competitiveness, edited by Lawrence Mishel and Paula B. Voos 100
Friedman, Sheldon
Richard M. Valelly's Radicalism in the States: The Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party and the American Political Economy 102
Green, James
Thomas Geoghegan's Which Side Are You On? 105
Mort, Jo-Ann
Ian Shapiro's Political Criticism 107
Isaac, Jeffrey C.
Hunger and Public Action, by Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen and The Political Economy of Hunger, Vols. I, II and III, edited by Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen 109
Dube, Siddharth
Harold Hurwitz remembers 113
Lowenthal, Richard
Commulative index 1990-1991 115

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