Vol. 38 • July 1991 • No. 3

The Gulf War 321
Hausknecht, Murray & Howe, Irving & Coser, Rose Laub
Democrats' silence 326
Meyerson, Harold
Education and the president 329
Meier, Deborah
The chances for democracy in the Arab world 332
Bakhash, Shaul
The intifada 337
Frankel, Jonathan
Privatization in the Soviet Union 342
Dahl, Robert & Shapiro, Ian
The Arming of Saddam Hussein 347
Smoler, Fredric P.
Germany: Power and the Left 354
Markovits, Andrei S.
Return to the Third World 360
Denitch, Bogdan
About Women and Rights 371
Cohen, Jean L.
A Finger to the Devil: Abortion, Privacy, and Equality 377
Olsen, Frances
Economic Equality After Divorce 383
Okin, Susan Moller
On the Devaluation of Rights 389
Kaminer, Wendy
Womb Versus Woman 395
Brill, Alida
Sex-Discrimination Law and Equivalent Rights 400
Cornell, Drucilla
A Vision of Market Socialism 406
Miller, David
Special interests 415
Scheuer, Jeffrey
Right-wing think tanks 418
Soley, Lawrence
Epstein regarding women warriors 421
Fuchs, Cynthia
Journalistic ethics and the Kitty Kelley ethos 422
Mills, Nicolaus
Gulf War 424
Walzer, Michael & Morton, Brian
Ralf Dahrendorf's Revolution in Europe 426
Thompson, E.P. & Reflections, Ralf Dahrendorf's
The New American History 428
Fredrickson, George M.
Robert Kuttner's The End of Laissez-Faire 432
Heilbroner, Robert
American Citizenship and The Faces of Injustice 435
Ryan, Alan
Heidegger and Modernity, by Luc Ferry and Allain Renaut, and The Politics of Being, Richard Wolin 438
Zimmerman, Michael
Albert Glotzer's Trotsky: Memoir & Critique 442
Gellman, Emanuel

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