Vol. 38 • April 1991 • No. 2

The Middle East after Saddam 149
Avineri, Shlomo
Taking positions on the Gulf War 153
Wrong, Dennis & Gitlin, Todd & Morton, Brian & Barkan, Joanne & Walzer, Michael & Bromwich, David & Howe, Irving
Ambivalence about the Gulf War 157
Hausknecht, Murray
A postwar agenda 158
Cohen, Mitchell
Thermidor in the Ussr? 160
Rule, James B.
Events in the Soviet Union 161
Bonitch, Bogdan
By Way of a Beginning 165
Howe, Irving
Caveat Civis and the Reagan Legacy 170
Mills, Nicolaus
Waiting for Lefty 175
Siegel, Fred
Symptoms of Decline 181
Chapin, Jim
With the Lower Depths: Some Changes in Literary Outlook 188
Berman, Paul
Our Children as Victims 193
Phillips, Maxine
Who Really Made the S&L Mess? 195
Glynn, Lenny
Who Is the Underclass? 202
Kornblum, William
Notes from Underground: Clashing Theories About the "Underclass" 212
Kuttner, Robert
Literary Visions of the Poor 218
Kornblum, Peter
Nihilism in Black America 221
West, Cornel
Two Tales of a City 227
Salvatore, Nick
Can We Cope with Drugs? 236
Massing, Michael
Fighting the "War on Drugs" 241
Lamer, Jeremy
On Thrills and Kills: Sadomasochism in the Movies 245
Gitlin, Todd
Thinking About the Homeless 249
Jacoby, Tamar
Crime in the Market Society 254
Currie, Elliott
The Dangerous Classes-Then and Now 260
Buckley, Peter G.
Families in Trouble 262
Elshtain, Jean Bethke & Buell, John
Collapse of a City 267
Lazare, Daniel
Costs of the "New Federalism" 276
O'Cleireacain, Carol
Stagnation in the Countryside 279
Duncan, Cynthia M.
Hard Times for Working America 282
Mishel, Lawrence & Frankel, David M.
The Greening of the University 286
Jacoby, Russell
The Idea of Civil Society 293
Walzer, Michael
Christopher Lasch's The True and Only Heaven 305
Wrong, Dennis
The Socialist Register 1990 308
Scialabba, George
Alice Kessler-Harris's A Woman's Wage 310
Milkman, Ruth
R. G. Collingwood's Essays in Political Philosophy 311
Bromwich, David
Robert Dahl's Democracy and its Critics 314
Schwartz, Joseph M.
Samuel Freedman's Small Victories 316
Bensman, David

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