Vol. 37 • September 1990 • No. 4

The peace dividend 421
Sawicky, Max & Faux, Jeff
Cutbacks in food allotments for the poor 424
Phillips, Maxine
The changes in Poland 425
Rule, James B.
The World After Communism: An Exchange Between 429
Heilbroner, Robert & Howe, Irving
Socialism for the Nineties 436
Ryan, Alan
"Market Socialism" & "Free Economy" 443
Nove, Alec
Toward a Socialist Theory of Nationalism 447
Avineri, Shlomo
Short Speech by a Rootless Cosmopolitan 458
Grass, Günter
Germany: The Enduring Fear 461
Bell, Daniel
East Germany's Doubtful Future 468
Brand, H.
Ethics and Politics 474
Konrad, George
Political Identities 478
Rule, James B. & Wrong, Dennis
Growing Up Absurd-Again 486
Stoehr, Taylor
Glut, Son of Markets 495
Tyler, Gus
Markets in the Casino Economy 501
Moberg, David
An Equality-Efficiency Trade-Off? 510
Gordon, David & Bowles, Samuel & Weisskopf, Thomas
The Growth of Citizen Politics 513
Boyte, Harry C.
A comment on racism and opportunity in the black experience 519
Kilson, Martin
With a reply 522
Steele, Shelby
Advertising and the news media 525
Lee, Martin A. & Solomon, Norman
Profits and values in publishing 528
Hausknecht, Murray
Richard Nixon's In the Arena and Herbert S. Parmet's Richard Nixon and His America 531
Hitchens, Christopher
Charles Taylor's Sources of the Self 534
Scialabba, George
Max Holland's When the Machine Stopped 537
Baldwin, Marc
Book Notes 540
Monaco, J.

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