Vol. 37 • April 1990 • No. 2

The Soviet Union 133
Walzer, Michael & Howe, Irving
George Bush and "The Vision Thing," 137
Meyerson, Harold
The peace dividend 140
Levinson, Mark
Education spending and capital gains 143
Mishel, Lawrence & Edith, M.
Political changes after the cold war 145
Joseph, Paul
The invasion of Panama 148
Morton, Brian
Reform and conflict in Yugoslavia 151
Denitch, Bogdan
Patrick Lacefield interviews 154
Ungo, Guillermo
Democratic stirrings in Bulgaria 156
Haskell, Gordon
A Credo for this Moment 160
Walzer, Michael
Creating a New-Old Europe 161
Cohen, Mitchell
As We Go Into the Nineties 171
Bell, Daniel
The Triumph of Capitalism? 177
Denitch, Bogdan
The Intellectuals in Soviet Reform 181
Coser, Lewis A.
From the Dustbin of History 184
Howe, Irving
On the Fate of Communism 187
Bell, Daniel
Chance Wanderings 189
Konrad, George
Socialist Voices in the Soviet Union 192
Afanasyev, Yuri & Zaslayskaya, Tatyana
Can There Be a Central Europe? 194
Kohák, Erazim
"Literary" Ugliness in the Soviet Union 198
Woll, Josephine
What Does the Left Have to Offer? 201
Surdykowski, Jerzy
Poland Takes the Plunge 207
Weschler, Lawrence
Happiness in Czechoslovakia 213
Brumberg, Abraham
In Romania: Between Euphoria and Rage 219
Tismaneanu, Vladimir
Social Reality and "Free Markets" 224
Dahl, Robert
One or Two Cheers for the "Invisible Hand" 229
Tobin, James
Solidarity in Virginia 237
Mills, Nicolaus
China Since the Square 243
Pomeranz, Ken
Business and American Politics 247
Edsall, Thomas Byrne
Comments on the canon 253
Epstein, Cynthia Fuchs & Gitlin, Todd
With a reply 256
Bromwich, David
Gus Hall and reality 258
McLaughlin, Neil
Stanley Fish 259
Siegel, Fred
H. L. Mitchell 260
Buhle, Paul
Nationalism in the Soviet Union 262
Lourie, Richard
Gorgeous George 263
Lamer, Jeremy
Roger and Me 265
Rosenberg, Bernard
On Leon Fink and Brian Greenberg's Upheaval in the Quiet Zone: A History of Hospital Workers' Union, Local 1199 267
Salvatore, Nick
Mike Rose's Lives on the Boundary 271
Jordan, Ruth
Paul Fussell's Wartime: Understanding and Behavior in the Second World War and Thank God for the Atom Bomb and Other Essays 272
Conant, Oliver
Thomas Pynchon's Vineland 275
Hendin, Josephine
Murray Edelman's Constructing the Political Spectacle 277
Scheuer, Jeffrey
Edith H. Tarcov 279
Morton, Brian & Mills, Nicolaus
Hal Draper 280
Geltman, Emanuel & Howe, Irving
1988-1989 281

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