Vol. 37 • January 1990 • No. 1

Irving Howe interviews Abraham on politics in Eastern Europe 3
Howe, Irving
Income inequalities 8
Goffman, Ethan
Culture in an Age of Money 11
Mills, Nicolaus
Blips, Bites & Savvy Talk 18
Gitlin, Todd
Putting on the Glitz 27
Miller, Ross
Pluggies: The Closet Culture Comes of Age 36
Bergheim, Laura
The Trials of Televangelism: Jerry Falwell and the Enemy 42
Wilentz, Sean
A Material Difference: Notes on the Newness of 1980s Fiction 49
Hendin, Josephine
A Culture of Paper Tigers 58
Reich, Robert B.
Screen Wars: The Battle for Vietnam 65
Adams, William
Taxonomy as Politics: The Harm of False Classification 73
Gould, Stephen Jay
Civil Rights and the Reagan Court 79
Schwartz, Herman
A New Political Situation 87
Howe, Irving
Perestroika and the Primacy of Politics 91
Popov, Gavril
The Satanic Verses 97
Todorov, Tzvetan
Bensonhurst and Auschwitz 100
Hausknecht, Murray
Camp Solidarity 102
Perrin, Andrew J.
Tributes to Michael Harrington 105
Berman, Paul
Tributes to Michael Harrington 105
Barkan, Joanne
Tributes to Michael Harrington 106
Bromwich, David
Tributes to Michael Harrington 107
Epstein, Cynthia Fuchs
Tributes to Michael Harrington 107
Larner, Jeremy
Tributes to Michael Harrington 108
Phillips, Maxine
Tributes to Michael Harrington 108
Mort, Jo-Ann
Tributes to Michael Harrington 109
Scheuer, Jeffrey
Benjamin Friedman's Day of Reckoning 110
Faux, Jeff
John Updike's Memoirs 114
Berman, Paul
Elaine Hoffman Baruch and Lucienne J. Serrano's Women Analyze Women and Jessica Benjamin's The Bonds of Love 118
Coser, Rose Laub
Joshua B. Freeman's In Transit and Gary Gerstle's Working-class Americanism 120
Kazin, Michael
Elliott Shore's Talkin' Socialism 123
Green, James

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