Vol. 36 • January 1989 • No. 1

Into the Bush Years: 5
Harrington, Michael & Howe, Irving & Chapin, Jim & Judis, John & Scheuer, Jeffrey & Siegel, Fred
Urban economic development 15
Kleniewski, Nancy
The minimum wage 18
Shapiro, Isaac
Chinese rule in Tibet 21
Luhan, Michael
Fruits of Glasnost 25
Woll, Josephine
The Drug War and "National Security" 39
Byrne, Malcolm & Morley, Jefferson
Poland: State and/or Society 47
Brumberg, Abraham
Markets and Plans: Is the Market Necessarily Capitalist? 56
Harrington, Michael
Barriers of Individualism in the Path of American Unions 71
Brody, David
Yugoslavia: The Limits of Reform 78
Denitch, Bogdan
Intellectuals After the Revolution 86
Berman, Paul
The "Double Life" in Academia 94
Mandler, Peter
Postmodernism: Roots and Politics 100
Gitlin, Todd
From Easy Rider to Dirty Harry 109
Lamer, Jeremy
Margaret and Michael Rustin's Narratives of Love and Loss: Studies in Modern Children's Fiction 113
Barkan, Joanne
Julius Lester's Lovesong: Becoming a Jew 116
Goffman, Ethan
Robin Blackburn's The Overthrow of Colonial Slavery 1776-1848 117
Foner, Eric
Shoshana Zuboff's In the Age of the Smart Machine: The Future of Work and Power 120
Epstein, Cynthia Fuchs
John Cort's Christian Socialism: An Informal History 121
Scialabba, George
Taylor Branch's Parting the Waters: America in the King Years, 1954-63 124
Garrow, David

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