Vol. 35 • September 1988 • No. 4

About the Election 389
Mills, Nicolaus
About the Election 389
Leckachman, Robert
About the Election 390
Bromwich, David
About the Election 390
Siegel, Fred
About the Election 391
Howe, Irving
About the Election 391
Barkan, Joanne
About the Election 392
Gellman, Emanuel
Interview 392
Brinker, Menachem
Perestroika 397
Howe, Irving
The Mitterrand transition 399
Judt, Tony
On the democratic left in El Salvador 403
Lane, Charles
To The Other Shore: A Visit to the Soviet Union 407
Bell, Daniel
Gorbachev and Eastern Europe: Perestroika and Historical Compromise? 415
Heller, Agnes & Feher, Ferenc
In the Slums of Manila: Can the Poor Find Their Voices? 422
Packer, George
Biotechnology: Big Money Comes to the University 430
Rule, James B.
Dependent Individualism: A Welfare State Without an Ethical Core? 437
Siegel, Fred
The Ambiguous Legacy of Antonio Gramsci 444
Walzer, Michael
The Sound of One Hand Clapping: Women's Liberation and the Left 457
Tax, Meredith
To Cave Explorers From the West: Some Words of Advice from Hungary 463
Konrad, George
Unions, Pension Funds, and the Economy 467
Ghilarducci, Teresa
Where Wall and Pennsylvania Intersect: Economics in the Information Age 472
Wheeler, Harvey
American education 477
Howe, Irving
American education 479
Bromwich, David
The new student radicalism 481
Scheuerman, W.E.
Poverty 482
Selkin, Michael
Refusal to serve on the West Bank 485
Ophir, Adi
The left and antigay politics 487
Seidman, Steven
Media clippings 490
Lamer, Jeremy
Herbert Gutman's Power and Culture 493
Thompson, E.P.
Sixties books by Todd Gitlin, James Miller, and Maurice Isserman 497
Hausknecht, Murray
Tom Hayden's Reunion 501
Isserman, Maurice
Frances Fox Piven and Richard Cloward's Why Americans Don't Vote 504
Chapin, Jim
Daniel Singer's Is Socialism Doomed? 506
Ross, George
Junius Scales and Richard Nickson's Cause at Heart 508
Clark, Joseph

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