Vol. 23 • April 1976 • No. 2

Death of the Leader 114
Goytisolo, Juan
How to Reshape America's Economy 119
Harrington, Michael
The Conservative Majority Myth 123
Galbraith, John Kenneth
The Continuing Democratic Majority 127
Spinrad, William
Portugal - Between Hammer and Anvil? 130
Clark, Joseph
India - Decline Into Police State 131
Judd, Henry
Dissent in the Soviet Union 136
Reddaway, Peter
Solzhenitsyn's Gulag: Part Two 155
Medvedev, Roy
Textbook War in West Virginia 164
Humphreys, James
Tocqueville, Marx, Weber, Nixon: Watergate in Theory 171
Wiener, Jon
Race And IQ: The Fallacy of Heritability 181
Green, Philip
History, Freedom, and Utopia 197
Chiaromonte, Nicola
Impermissible Thoughts 204
Vakulík, Ludvík
A Debate on Affirmative Action 207
Tenzer, Morton J. & Coser, Rose Laub
Bergman's Magic Flute 213
Bromwich, David
Reviews 216
Carpenter, Luther & Jacobson, Barbara & Kovály, Heda Margolius

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