Vol. 19 • July 1972 • No. 3

The Mcgovern Phenomenon 451
Howe, Irving
Possessing, Owning, Belonging 453
Kohák, Erazim V.
Roots of the Socialist Dilemma 463
Heilbroner, Robert L.
The Pluralist Antilevelers of Prague 471
Gellner, Ernest
On Justice Under Socialism 483
Edward & Nell, Onora
On Arabs and Jews: Chimera of a Binational State 492
Walzer, Michael
Is Hypocrisy What's Wrong? 500
Miller, Stephen
When to Leave the Country: a Study of George Grosz 507
Lourie, Richard
Heresies in European Communism 517
Denitch, Bogdan
War, Morality & Error 520
Greeley, Andrew M.
In The Magazines 524
Bensman, David
Blood Orange, Violence in the Movies 525
Bromwich, David
Reviews 530
Clark, Joseph & Pachter, Henry & Perlin, Terry M.
Letters 542

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