Vol. 19 • January 1972 • No. 1

A Steelworker Speaks 9
Terkel, Studs
No Pride in this Dust 21
Kremen, Bennett
Young Women who Work 29
Wolfgang, Myra
Steel: Changing Workplace 37
Hill, Joseph
A Steelworkers' Local in New England 47
Brooks, Thomas R.
The Tradition Reutherism 53
Sexton, Brendan
Torn Apart and Driven Together: Portrait of a Uaw Local in Chicago 61
Rosenberg, Bernard
Workers, Black and White, In Mississippi 70
Watters, Pat
The White Worker in the South 78
Filiatreau, John
The Case of the Ilgwu 83
Rabinowitz, Dorothy
Silent in the Supermarket 91
Kriegel, Leonard
The Sad Legacy Of John L. Lewis 99
Goodman, Walter
Organizing Neighborhoods: Gary and Newark 107
Krickus, Richard J.
Blue Collars in Cicero 118
Epstein, Joseph
Breakdown in Newark 128
Brooks, Thomas R.
Detroit: Black City, Black Unions? 138
Widick, B. J.
Old Working Class, New Working Class 146
Harrington, Michael
Labor in the Post-Industrial Society 163
Bell, Daniel
White Workers/Blue Mood 190
Tyler, Gus
From Steam Whistles to Coffee Breaks 197
Gordon, David M.
Apathy and Other Axioms: Expelling the Union Dissenter from History 211
Benson, H. W.
Liberal Intelligentsia and White Backlash 225
Hamilton, Richard F.
Women Who Work in Factories 233
Agassi, Judith Buber
The Tensions of Work 240
Barbash, Jack
Last Chance for Desegregation 249
Margolis, Richard J.
The White Collar on yhe Ex-Blue Collar is a Cool Collar 257
Carliner, Lewis
Sweet and Sour Notes: on Workers and Intellectuals 264
Howe, Irving
The New Ethnicity & Blue Collars 270
Greeley, Andrew
How Important is Social Class? 278
Wrong, Dennis H.
The Life of White Ethnics 286
Levine, Irving M. & Herman, Judith
Black Workers & The Unions 295
Marshall, Ray
Among Our Contributors 303

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