Vol. 18 • December 1971 • No. 6

Short Subjects 522
China and the United States 527
Clark, Joseph
War Crimes: Political & Legal Issues 530
Hoffmann, Stanley
A Country Ripe for Change 534
Howe, Irving
Chile: A Way to Socialism? 537
Plastik, Stanley
Reflections on Capital Punishment 555
Svitak, Ivan
Zionism, the Marxist Critique, and the Left 560
Laqueur, Walter
Four Fragments on Politics 575
Spitz, David
"A Better System of Prisons?" On Decentralization and Participation in America 584
Lipsitz, Lewis
What Do We Want Right Now? 594
Shull, Leon & Santiestevan, Stina
Sub-Language as Social Badge 607
Goodman, Paul
Social Priorities, Economic Policy, and the State 613
Keller, Eugene
Science Fiction and the Coming of the Antichrist 633
Milosz, Czeslaw
Lukacs and Solzhenitsyn 643
Howe, Irving

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