Vol. 18 • October 1971 • No. 5

Short Subjects 410
The Pentagon Papers The Immorality of Error 417
Clark, Joseph
The Pentagon Papers On Imitating the Communists 426
Abel, Lionel
A Letter From Singapore 430
Kelman, Steven
The New Shape of Foreign Policy 435
Pachter, Henry
"A Most Distressful Nation": The American Irish 450
Greeley, Andrew M.
What's the Trouble? 460
Howe, Irving
The Misfortune of "Great Memories": Remarks on the Paris Commune 472
Harrington, Michael
Russia: The Fire Next Time? 478
Kohák, Erazim V.
What do the Poor Need? 485
Coser, Lewis
State Within a States What is the Military-Industrial Complex? 492
Gottlieb, Sanford
White Working-Class Youth 503
Krickus, R. J.
Documentary Now 507
Bromwich, David
Reviews 513
Kelly, Derek A. & Graff, Gerald
Letters 518

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