Vol. 18 • August 1971 • No. 4

P., S.
War Crimes and Politics 327
Wrong, Dennis H.
A Word on the Calley Case 329
Bromwich, David
Cuba: The Dictator and the Poet 331
Howe, Irving
Black Politics: A New Power 333
Kilson, Martin
Perishable Good: Left Turn in the American Religious World 346
Rabbins, Richard
The Population Problem: An Unorthodox View 357
Wrong, Dennis H.
Labor's Decade-Maybe 365
Sexton, Patricia Cayo & Sexton, Brendan
Prospects for the Seventies: Coalition Politics Revisited 375
Geltman, Emanuel & Plastrik, Stanley
Prospects for the Seventies: A Strategy for Radical Liberals 382
Kaufman, Arnold S.
Culture, Life Style, and Politics 394
Kelman, Steven
Evening with a "T" Group 396
Clemens, Walter C. Jr.
End of Literary Criticism 398
Bratu, Horia
Reviews 400
Goldbloom, Maurice & Schur, Edwin & Chase, Edward T.

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