Vol. 18 • April 1971 • No. 2

H., I. & M., L. & R., H.
Inflation, Wages & Profits 107
Goldfinger, Nat
The Inevitability of Mrs. Gandhi 116
Chopra, Pran
Violence: The Police, the Militants, And the Rest of Us 119
Walzer, Michael
Between Apostles and Technicians: Mind-Blowing and Problem-Solving 128
Lekachman, Robert
Was Lenin's Mother Jewish? 141
Wyziemblo, Marcin
Generation Gap or Gap Within a Generation? 145
Tyler, Gus
What Should We Do About the Police? 155
Packer, Herbert L.
Public Schools: The Next Decade 161
Cohen, David K.
Kent State a Year Later 171
Keller, Gordon W.
The Average Student: A Useful Fiction 174
Stein, Robert A.
Small Truth, Big Lie 178
Kohák, Erazim V.
Reviews 181
Robbins, Richard & Clark, Joseph & Pachter, Henry & Guttmann, Allen

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