Vol. 17 • September 1970 • No. 5

Politics Across the Country The South 393
Watters, Pat
Ohio 394
Bilik, Al
California 396
Larner, Jeremy
New York 399
Plastrik, Stanley
Vietnam and Israel 401
Howe, Irving
The Two Nihilisms 405
Abel, Lionel
The Militarization of Fidelismo 411
Dumont, René
How I Remember Lenin An Interview with Ignazio Silone 429
Three Waves of Indian Terrorism: A First-Hand Report on the Naxalite Movement 433
Chopra, Pran
Paris, Capital of the 19th Century 439
Benjamin, Walter
Preventive Detention - and Psychiatry 448
Murphy, Jeffrie G.
Reviews 451
Compton, Neil & Kohák, Erazim
The Problem of Imperialism 461
Pachter, Henry

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