Vol. 17 • July 1970 • No. 4

Walter Reuther 1907-1970 308
G., E.
Where Are We Now? 311
Howe, Irving
Getting Democracy into General Motors 316
P., S.
Provocation à la FBI 317
O., D.
The Murder of the Indians of Brazil 319
The UAW Speaks Out Against Cambodia 320
Violence and Democracy 321
Tumin, Melvin M.
The Shambles of Nanterre 329
Alia, Josette
Engaged Science-or Scientists? 335
Rabasseire, Henri
Metapolitics of Utopianism 342
Jay, Martin
Is There a "New Working Class"? 351
Denitch, Bogdan
Reform Currents in the Building Trades 356
Gershman, Carl
New Alignments in Latin America 363
Alba, Victor
Memoirs from Prison 368
Goodman, Paul
Thomas Jefferson and Black Rebellion 371
Plastrik, Stanley
Reviews 374
Pachter, Henry & Robbins, Richard & Trachtenberg, Alan

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