Vol. 17 • May 1970 • No. 3

Creeping Repression in Washington 198
Wallick, Frank
Indeed, They Did Grow up Absurd 199
Coser, Lewis
Dissident Voices From Paris 200
Bloch-Michel, Jean
Dove Sentiments Among Blue-Collar Workers 202
Hahn, Harlan
In The South, Murder Continues 205
Muth, Jerry De
From The Prisons of Cuba-A Cry for Help! 208
Another Modest Proposal 212
Page, Alex
Spain: Cracks In The Column 214
Lopez, Pedro
PARADOXES IN EUROPEAN COMMUNISM: Old Categories and New Realities 221
Howe, Irving
PARADOXES IN EUROPEAN COMMUNISM: The Inner World of Italian Communism 224
Mancini, Federico
REVIEWS: Labor, Lovestone, and the CIA 230
Seligman, Ben B.
REVIEWS: Communism and Jacobinism 232
Mitzman, Arthur
REVIEWS: Memory Hole 236
H., I.
Why We Need Socialism in America 240
Harrington, Michael

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