Vol. 16 • September 1969 • No. 5

The Moon: Enough is Enough 372
P., H.
Backlash, Violence, Politics 373
Plastrik, Stanley
A Major Dispute in the ACLU 375
Christen, Robert J.
ALA Prospects; Contest in Umw; Charleston Strike 380
Williams, Jim
The Trap of Localism 382
Riessman, Frank
Remembering John L. Lewis: Tribune, Rebel, Autocrat 384
Sexton, Brendan
The Agony of the Campus 387
Howe, Irving
Corporate Authority and Civil Disobedience 395
Walzer, Michael
A True Story 407
Serge, Victor
A Letter from Italy: from Reform to Adventure 413
Mancini, Federico
Letter from Saigon: the Neutralists Speak Out 423
Morrow, Michael
Letter from Paris: Between Pompidou and CP 426
Bloch-Michel, Jean
Orwell Among the Liars 431
Guttmann, Allen
Turning On for Freedom 437
Kohák, Erazim V.
A Threat to Consensus 444
Erwin, Robert
Reunion with Moscow 446
Franck, Sebastian
A Volunteer Army: Pro and Con 449
Rabasseire, Henri
A Poet Among the Young 455
Robbins, Richard
Pioneers of the Left 457
Hoffman, Robert L.
The Authority of Failure 459
Howe, Irving
Fables from Aptheker 462
Spitz, David

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