Vol. 16 • March 1969 • No. 2

Homage to Norman Thomas 99
Harrington, Michael & Rustin, Bayard & Randolph, A. Philip
Nixon's Dream-and Black Reality 101
Howe, Irving
Toward Peace at Paris? 108
Buttinger, Joseph
Roy Innes vs. Roy Wilkins 113
Hill, Norman
The Union and the Professors 115
Hausknecht, Murray
A Modest Proposal: Should the Ford Foundation Be Decentralized? 118
Observer, An
Violence Rehabilitated 119
Grass, Günter
Czechoslovakia 1968 124
Grass, Günter
Nuremberg Law and U.S. Courts 128
Woodward, Beverly
On Modern Tyranny: A Critique of Western Intellectuals 137
Chiaromonte, Nicola
Teaching Negro History 151
Pachter, Henry
Styron and His Black Critics 157
Anderson, Jervis
Confrontation at San Francisco State 167
Goldman, Ralph M.
The Hippies: Permanent Revolution? 180
Dworkin, Gerald
Apocalyptic Weekend 183
Eckstein, George
A History of U.S. Pacifism 185
Sibley, Mulford Q.
U.S. Interventionism 188
Sigal, Leon V.
Martyrs of Yesterday 190
Clark, Joseph

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