Vol. 15 • September 1968 • No. 5

Czechoslovakia: The Deepening Communist Schism 369
Hruska, Izak
Voices from Czechoslovakia 372
Havel, Vaclav & Svitak, Ivan & Jesenska, Z.
Between Exaltation & Despair 373
Connolly, William & Kaufman, Arnold S.
Politics in France: Phantom and Charade 376
Howe, Irving
Biafra: Hunger, Politics, Inhumanity 380
Sale, J. Kirk
The Spock Conviction: What Comes Next? 382
Haskell, Gordon
POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE Letter from Paris: A Major Defeat for the French Left 384
Bloch-Michel, Jean
Letter From Prague: Stirrings & Fears Among Czech Writers 386
Charbrowe, Leonard
Sources of Student Rebellion: How Shall We Understand the Columbia Uprising? 389
Hausknecht, Murray
The Bust at Stony Brook 396
Brooks, Thomas R.
Ebony: Biggest Negro Magazine 403
Goodman, Walter
The Poor Who HAVE Jobs 410
Bluestone, Barry
Bolivia: Why Guevara Failed 420
Souchère, Éléna de la
Identity: Problem and Catchword 427
Wrong, Dennis H.
Out of the Communist Past 436
Charney, George
Dangerous New Games 445
Eckstein, George
"New" vs. "Left" in the SDS 447
Milstein, Tom
In Defense of Norman O. Brown 451
Efron, Arthur
A Reply 455
Abel, Lionel
AFTER World War One 459
Levin, N. Gordon Jr.
African Problems 461
Ankomah, Kofi
History Askew 462
Coser, Lewis
Techniques of Prediction 463
Michael, Donald N.

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