Vol. 15 • March 1968 • No. 2

Thoughts on Black Power 98
Clark, Kenneth B.
The Collapse of a Myth 99
Howe, Irving
The Dedijer Case 102
P., M.
Cambridge Votes on the Vietnam War 103
Hartman, Chester W. & Bonnell, Victoria E.
"The Matter with California" 106
Garber, Alex
Israel Now: A Few Questions 109
Plastrik, Stanley
A Letter from Paris: The Decline of Europe? 112
Bloch-Michel, Jean
A Little Symposium on the McCarthy Campaign 115
Clark, Joseph & Kramer, Albert & Peretz, Martin
Strategies for Opposition: The Draft - Tax Refusal - "Resistance" 119
Harrington, Michael
From a Harlem School 131
Meier, Deborah
The Poverty of Aging 138
Seligman, Ben B.
Important Nonsense: Norman O. Brown 147
Abel, Lionel
Anatomy of Black Humor 158
Feldman, Burton
The Intellectual as Diplomat: A Critical Discussion of George F. Kennan 161
Pachter, Henry
Vietnam and the U.S. Economy 171
Brand, H.
SCREEN AND STAGE A Happening Called World War II 177
Larner, Jeremy
Giving Hanoi the Mad Ave Treatment 178
Eisen, Jonathan
Black Actors Off Broadway 179
Cohn, Ruby
Climbing Jacob's Ladder,-by Pat Watters and Reese Cleghorn 181
Robbins, Richard
Journey into the Whirlwind, by Eugenia Semyonovna; This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen, by Tadeusz Borowski 184
Eckstein, George
To Move a Nation, by Roger Hilsman 186
Goldstein, Walter

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