Vol. 14 • March 1967 • No. 2

The CIA and the Students 129
Howe, Irving
India and China: Two Paths in Politics 132
Plastrik, Stanley
The Johnson Budget and Vietnam 133
Harrington, Michael
Mood in Washington: Unconditional Surrender 136
King, Larry
On "Containment" in Asia 140
Brand, H.
The Meany-Reuther Conflict 144
Correspondent, a Special
Mao's Third Civil War? 151
Pachter, Henry
Heartbreak in Tennessee: Poor Whites and the Unions 159
Rony, Vera
The Negroes, the Cops, the Jews 172
Rustin, Bayard
Economic Development in the Backward Countries 180
Myrdal, Gunnar
India: Poverty and Change 191
Mehta, Asoka
On the Kennedy Assassination Questions for the Warren Commission 200
Sauvage, Léo
Let's Talk Sense About Oswald 205
Rabasseire, Henri
Notebook McNamara, Carmichael, and the GI Bill 211
Rader, Jack
The McNamara Incident at Harvard 215
Greenstein, Robert M.
A Report on the French Left: From Marxism to "Structuralism" 220
Furet, François
Rowland Evans and Robert Novak: Lyndon B. Johnson: The Exercise of Power 234
Goodman, Paul
Oscar Lewis: La Vida; Richard M. Elman: The Poorhouse State 235
Larner, Susan
Barrington Moore, Jr.: Social Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy: Lord and Peasant in the Making of the Modern World 239
Jr, N. Gordon Levin
A. E. Hotchner: Papa Hemingway 244
Larner, Jeremy
On Participatory Democracy Comments 247
Kahn, Tom & Goodman, Paul & Flacks, Richard

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