Vol. 14 • January 1967 • No. 1

The New Shape of American Politics 7
Harrington, Michael
A Traditional Class Issue 12
Howe, Irving
Why We Lost the Review Board 14
Harrington, Stephanie
Mao Vs. Marx in China 17
Pachter, Henry
Words to the Germans: An Open Letter to Chancellor Kiesinger 24
Grass, Günter
Words to the Germans: To Willy Brandt: A Note of Recollection 25
P., H.
I.S. 201: Disaster in the Schools 27
Larner, Jeremy
The Morality of Scientific Technology 41
Goodman, Paul
In the Land Without Soviets 54
Plastrik, Stanley
Notebook: The Peoples' Symphony: A Tribute 65
Swados, Harvey
Notebook: The Pathos of "Black Power" 69
Feldman, Paul
Notebook: Venezuela: An Experiment in Democracy 80
Souchère, Elèna de la
Paris Letter: The Ben Barka Affair: Act One 89
Block-Michel, Jean
The Nature Of Freedom (Cont'd.) Comments 95
Wolff, Robert Paul & Spitz, David
Keynes And The Future Of Capitalism (The Age Of Keynes by Robert Lekachman. The Limits Of American Capitalism by Robert Heilbroner. THE MYTHS OF AUTOMATION, by Charles E. Silberman) 99
Seligman, Ben B.
Mao As Philosopher King (Ideology And Organization In Communist China, by Franz Schurmann) 104
Schrecker, John
U.S. Economic Policy: From Fdr To LBJ 110
Brand, H.

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