Vol. 13 • May 1966 • No. 3

The Buddhist Revolt in Vietnam 227
Howe, Irving
Free Elections for Dominican Republic 229
Feldman, Paul
Code 77: A Report from Watts 230
Jacobs, Paul
Bogalusa: The Economics of Tragedy 234
Rony, Vera
On Theories of Automation 243
Seligman, Ben B.
Going Back South 265
Hernton, Calvin
U.S. IN Vietnam: Rationale & Law 275
Falk, Richard A.
Prodigal Fathers & Existential Sons-A Report from Berkeley 285
Zelnik, Reginald E.
The Idea of "Community": A Critique 290
Wrong, Dennis H.
The Myth of Peasant Revolt 298
Coser, Lewis
Notebook: On Cannibals and Christians 304
Mailer, Norman
Notebook: Collective Bargaining in Education 306
Brooks, Thomas R.
The Draft: Reflections & Opinions 312
Pachter, Henry & Walzer, Michael & Seeley, John R. & Levin, N. Gordon
"Sickness" and Rebellion: East and West (Ward 7, by Valeriy Tarsis) 320
Coles, Robert
A View of How It Was (Starting Out in the Thirties, by Alfred Kazin) 323
Gilman, Richard
The Ante-Bellum South as an Underdeveloped Society (The Political Economy of Slavery, by Eugene D. Genovese) 327
Levin, N. Gordon
Oswald's Mother (A Mother in History, by Jean Stafford) 330
Larner, Jeremy
What Passes for Labor History (Tentacles of Power: The Story of Jimmy Hoffa, by Clark R. Mollenhoff; Hoffa and the Teamsters: A Study of Union Power, by Ralph C. James and Estelle Dinerstein James) 331
Widick, B. J.

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