Vol. 13 • January 1966 • No. 1

Cease Fire! 1
H., I.
The Vietnam Protest Movement 7
statement, a
What the Teach-Ins Taught Us 10
Boulding, Kenneth
Democracy and the Conscript 16
Walzer, Michael
Direct Action and Democratic Values 22
Kahn, Tom
Vietnam Protest and the Unions 30
Geltman, Emanuel
On Those Who Burned Themselves 33
Cowan, Paul
The Destruction of Conscience in Vietnam 36
Sahlins, Marshall
The Politics of Coalition 63
Geltman, Emanuel & Plastrik, Stanley
The Politics of "The Movement" 75
Hayden, Tom
The Case of Tertz-Sinyavski 88
Hayward, Max
Notebook: William Buckley and the Price of Kicks 92
Howe, Irving
The Provocation of Violence 94
Howard, Jan
But My Heart Is Black 99
Daniels, Jonathan Myrick
The Intellectual in Mass Society (The New Radicalism in America, by Christopher Lasch) 100
Thernstrom, Stephan
Harlem, His Harlem (Manchild in the Promised Land, by Claude Brown) 103
Belfrage, Sally
Overkill: Causes and Consequences (Our Depleted Society, by Seymour Melman) 105
Rousseas, Stephen
"Populism" and Totalitarianism in the Emergent Nations (The Third World, by Peter Worsley) 107
McCord, William R.

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