Vol. 12 • July 1965 • No. 3

The Crime At Santo Domingo 291
Plastrik, Stanley
New Styles In "Leftism" 295
Howe, Irving
The New Radicals And "Participatory Democracy 324
Lynd, Stanghton
"What Is Literature?"-An Open Letter To Jean-Paul Sartre 334
Abel, Lionel
Abolitionists And American Historians 348
Brodie, Fawn M.
Holitical Intelligence: France: Communists, Socialists, And King Charles 360
Bloch-Michel, Jean
India: A View From The Inside 364
Prabhahnr, M. S.
Africa: African Socialism And Rural Change 372
Segal, Aaron
The Higher Cost Of Learning 376
Brooks, Thomas R.
An Afl Fairy Tail 379
Carper, David
Democratic Socialism Of Social Fascism? 382
Brzezinski, Z. K.
The Challenge Of Muscovite Revisionism 384
Daniels, Robert V.
The Best Were There 388
Horowitz, Rochelle
Voices From The Depths 389
Schur, Edwin M.

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