Vol. 12 • April 1965 • No. 2

Marching on Montgomery 145
Plastrik, Stanley
What is New About Selma? 147
H., I.
Vietnam: The Costs and Lessons of Defeat 151
Howe, Irving
Comment 155
Walzer, Michael
Does the Goldwater movement Have a Future? 156
McDermott, John
The Alliance for Progress 160
P., S.
Berkeley in February 161
Goodman, Paul
The Student State of Mind 176
Miller, Michael V.
Dispatches From Kiev 183
Seeley, John R.
The Ambiguous Legacy of Malcolm X 188
Rustin, Bayard & Kahn, Tom
The Apostate Muslim 193
Diamond, Stanley
McComb vs. Harlem: A Matter OF Identity 198
Larner, Jeremy
LeRoi Jones and the Tradition OF the Fake 207
Kauffmann, Stanley
The Breakup of the Soviet Camp 213
Coser, Lewis
Notebook: Real News and Automated Villains 226
Seligman, Ben B.
Notebook: A Report From "Students for a Democratic Society" 233
Potter, Paul & Gitlin, Todd
Modern Society: An End to Revolt? 239
MacIntyre, Alasdair
"Partial, Passionate, and Political" 244
Read, Herbert
A Mighty Story Retold 247
Geltman, Emanuel
Writing Up a New Day 249
Holmes, Eleanor
Briefer Notice 250
G., E. & P., S.
Singer, Herman & Librach, Jan
Stalin, Bukharin, and History as Conspiracy 253
Tucker, Robert C.

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