Vol. 12 • January 1965 • No. 1

'Twas A Famous Victory - But Who Won What? 3
Howe, Irving
Letter to a Right-Wing Friend: Post Mortem 8
Jr, Otis L. Graham
A "Return" to Politics in America? 11
Spinrad, William
The Negro Movement: Beyond Demonstrations? 15
Brooks, Thomas R.
Labor in Britain 21
Rustin, Michael & Walzer, Michael
IN PRAISE OF 1984 32
Pachter, Henry
Automation and the Unions 33
Seligman, Ben B.
China, Russia, and the Intellectuals 54
Coser, Lewis
Meeting the Soviet Philosophers 60
Feuer, Lewis S.
Notebook: Alfred Rosmer (1877-1964) 75
Schapiro, Meyer
The Fabian and the African 76
Draper, Hal
Gorky, Censorship and the Jews 83
Souvarine, Boris
Alienation, Community, Freedom 86
Berman, Marshall
A Major Work in Radical History 90
Thernstrom, Stephan
The Church and the State 92
Kirchheimer, Otto
On American Labor "Scholarship" 96
Benson, Herman
Comprehending the Incomprehensible 100
Singer, Herman
Briefer Notice 101
Work, Hack & Greenebaum, Peter & H., I.
The Prospects for Pluralistic Communism 103
Lowenthal, Richard

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