Vol. 11 • January 1964 • No. 1

Universities and Intellectuals 5
Howe, Irving
The College as Rat-Race 13
Wolff, Robert Paul
Paul Goodman's Community of Scholars 21
Walzer, Michael
Paul Goodman replies 27
Veblen, Mills, and the Decline of Criticism 29
Dowd, Douglas F.
The Unfamiliar Campus Southern Negro Students 39
Yancy, Roberta & Lynd, Staughton
Portrait of a Working-Class College 46
Potter, Robert J.
San Jose: Portrait of a Second-Rate College 49
Observer, An
Government, Scientists, and the Priorities of Science 55
Maccoby, Michael
The Professors in Washington 68
Gass, Oscar
Some Reflections on Academic Freedom Today 76
Coser, Lewis
Social Scientists and Nuclear Deterrence 80
Green, Philip
Teaching Poetry in the Provinces 92
Ross, T.J.
Toward a Technology of Teaching 99
Gross, Ronald
Contra: In Loco Parentis 104
Hayden, Thomas
Problems of the Negro Movement 108
Kahn, Tom
Index-1962 and 1963 139

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