Vol. 10 • January 1963 • No. 1

India: A Time of Danger and Decision 3
Plastrik, Stanley
No More Cousin Toms! 6
Jacobs, Paul
The Prosecution of the U.S. Communists 12
H., I.
Cuba: Triumph or.Tragedy? 13
Hagan, Roger
The U.N.'s 17th Assembly 26
Pachter, Henry
Political Repercussions 31
Plastrik, Stanley
One-Party Rule in Algeria 34
Hadj, Messali
C. Wright Mills: A Personal Memoir 35
Swados, Harvey
Prospects for the New Nations 43
Coser, Lewis
The Sociology of Marxism 59
Lipset, Seymour Martin
Notebook: Edmund Wilson and the Sea Slugs 70
Howe, Irving
Herman Kahn: Ideologist of Military Strategy 75
Miller, S. M. & Goldstein, Walter
The New Peace Movement - Part I 86
Finch, Roy
The Functions of Art 96
McLuhan, Marshall
Criticism as an Abstract Art 99
Porter, Fairfield
The Wounds of Hiroshima 102
Geltman, Emanuel
En Route to Victory 104
G., E.

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