Vol. 131 • September 2004 • No. 15

Correspondence: 4
issues, Election & election, issues of
Editorial: 5
accountable, Holding Bush
None of the above 7
Garvey, John
Torturing prisoners 8
Pfaff, William
Ratzinger, feminist? 9
beginning, Sidney Callahan: A manly
The religion gap 10
choir, Amy Sullivan: Democrats join the
Papal term limits? 12
eternity, Chester Gillis: From here to
Closing Catholic Parishes 14
light, Maaurice Timothy Reidy: Turning out the
LIsten Up 18
Theologians, Dennis O'Brien: & together, bishops
Road Kill 20
Kirchwey, Karl
The Manchurian Candidate 21
Alleva, Richard
Meet David Kraehenbuehl 23
Burkhart, Charles
Rome in America by Peter R.D' Agostino 25
Myers, W. David
Why Lincoln Matters by Mario M. Cuomo 27
Wolfe, Alan
Performing the Faih by Stanley Hauerwas 29
Tilley, Terrence W.
Shake Hands with the Devil by Romeo Dallaire 32
Dallaire, Peter
Gift or curse? 39
Phillips, Randall R.

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