Vol. 131 • June 2004 • No. 12

Correspondence: Donald Senior & his critics 2
Editorial: Kerry, the Catholic 5
Notebook: Survey says 7
Gallicho, Grant
Sonia Gandhi steps down 8
McGowan, Jo
The pope on PVS 10
Tuohey, John F.
I Do Not Wish to Deceive 11
Sasanov, Catherine
Above the law 12
Magarian, Gregory P.
Listening to Koko 14
Hanly, Elizabeth
English Catholics 18
Bergonzi, Bernard
Jonah's Whale Addresses the Almighty 20
Klein, Laurie
Still, We Believe: The Boston Red Sox Movie 21
Cooper, Rand Richards
Jumpers Bombay Dreams Assassins 22
Wren, Celia
Summer reading 24
Sayers, Valerie
Summer reading 25
Cipolla, Benedicta
Summer reading 26
Deen, Rosemary
Summer reading 28
Dillon, Michele
Summer reading 29
Vitullo-Martin, Julia
'You're lucky, Kid 31
Filbin, Diane

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