Vol. 131 • January 2004 • No. 1

Correspondence 6
EditoriaL: Getting religion 7
Et cetera: Job well done 8
How to read Scripture 9
Garvey, John
A quagmire?: Watching our rhetoric 11
Lopez, George A.
How ecumenical?: Immigration, Islam & the Vatican 12
Cipolla, Benedicta
Islamic Britain 14
Watts, Greg
Chicago Catholic A theological conservative at the helm 16
Feuerherd, Peter
The Contrary Traveler 18
Swenson, Karen
The Coming Conclave 20
Bellitto, Christopher M.
Autumn Spring: Something's Gotta Give 23
Cooper, Rand Richards
The Beginning of Wisdom 25
Kass, Leon R. & Johnson, Luke Timothy
Religion booknotes 28
Cunningham, Lawrence S.
A real church lady 31
Ryan, Jerry

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