Vol. 130 • November 2003 • No. 20

Correspondence More on Stanley Hauerwas, with a response from Jeffrey Stout 2
NEFF, JOHN AND JUDITH ANN & KALLENBERG, BRAD & JOHNSON, KELLY & Stout, Jeffrey & Lysaught, M. Therese & Tilley, Terrence W.
Editorial Democracy at home & abroad 5
Baumann, Paul
Et cetera He comes with a microphone & a sword 6
A quiet heroism James O'Gara, R I P 6
Steinfels, Peter
Iraq's future 8
Jr, E J Dionne
The Court & religion Can you major in theology on a state scholarship? 9
Drinan, Robert F
Pilgrims' progress Thanksgiving abroad 10
Schilling, Timothy P
Why Postman matters Visionary or technophobe? 11
Kavanagh, Peter
Tree at My Window 12
Snieckus, Darius victor
DANA GIOIA GOES TO WASHINGTON A profile of the NEA chairman 13
Haven, Cynthia
Sylvia 17
Cooper, Rand Richards
[It Was the Best Paper that Drew My Pen] 18
Weber, Sarah Appleton
Children's books Maurice Sendak's latest & more 19
Donnelly, Daria
The Battle for Rome by Robert Katz 22
Cohen, Richard
Witness to Integrity by Anita M Caspary 24
Cummings, Kathleen Sprows
Humanitarian Intervention edited by J L Holzgrefe and Robert O Keohane 26
Jaeger, George
Dreadful Conversions by John C Cort 28
Piehl, Mel
Pastor Eveline 31
Jabusch, Willard F

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