Vol. 130 • September 2003 • No. 16

Correspondence Weakland, deacons, Mary 4
Editorials Billions & then some 5
Editorials Settlement in Boston 6
Always a priest Philip J Murnion, R.I.P. 7
Steinfels, Peter
Separated after birth The limits of autonomy 8
Lustig, Andrew
Waugh revisited Was he such a bad guy? 10
Davis, Robert Murray
THE SAVING GRACE OF SPORT Are there angels in the outfield? 12
Savant, John
EMBRYO ADOPTION? What to do with those frozen embryos 15
Lysaught, M. Therese
Robert Bresson by Joseph Cunneen 20
Alleva, Richard
Bay of Souls by Robert Stone 22
Garvey, John
Religion Booknotes 24
Cunningham, Lawrence S.
Two years later 30
Steinfels, Margaret O'Brien

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