Vol. 129 • November 2002 • No. 20

Correspondence Just wars, Israel, Teilhard, imperialism, & more 2
POLICANO, JOSEPH D. & SAUR, KARL & AHERN, KEVIN & STEFFAN, SYLVESTER L. & AVALLONE, ANTHONY F. & Midbon, Mark & MOODEY, RICHARD & Burtchaell, James T. & Lawler, Justus George & Hertzberg, Arthur
Editorial One-party rule 5
Steinfels, Margaret O'Brien
Et cetera Lighter collection baskets 6
Books & more books Think of the dust mites! 7
Garvey, John
Election autopsy Ideas for Democrats 8
Jr, E J Dionne
The bishops & Iraq Did the media ignore the story? 9
Moses, Paul
Forgiving God A daughter's illness 10
Harte, Monica
Dorothea Lange: 'Migrant Mother' (1936) 11
Siegel, Joan I
VATICAN II AS ECUMENICAL COUNCIL Yves Congar's 'moment of grace' 12
Komonchak, Joseph A
HOW A LUTHERAN SAW IT A different kind of reformation 15
Lindbeck, George A
The Trials of Henry Kissinger Bowling for Columbine Political cinema 18
Cooper, Rand Richards
Children's books All hail Philippa Pearce! 20
Alleva, Richard
Free for All by Wendy Kaminer 24
Wolfe, Alan
Flannery O'Connor by Jean Cash Return to Good and Evil by Henry T Edmondson III 26
Russello, Gerald J
The Press Effect by Kathleen Hall Jamieson and Paul Waldman 28
Schmuhl, Robert
Fame & Seneca Falls 31
O'Brien, Judith Johnson

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