Vol. 129 • November 2002 • No. 19

Correspondence From covers to the 'Last Word' 4
Editorial What does Rome want? 5
A note from the editor 6
Notebook Celebrating Vatican II 7
Steinfels, Margaret O'Brien
My kind of pol Wellstone will be hard to replace 8
Dionne, E. J. Jr.
Plundering the dead Human bodies or organ farms? 9
Gleeson, Andrew
Kidnapped From Baptist playwright to 'Catlick' 10
VanOosting, James
Eviction day 13
O'Gorman, Angie
Baptism 14
Mattern, Evelyn
THE CATHOLIC NOVEL Incarnation & the imagination 16
Quinn, Peter
A WAR FOR OIL Is Saddam Hussein the problem or is it Saudi Arabia? 22
Mandle, Jay R.
Catholics online Where the 'orthodox' roam 26
Feuerherd, Peter
A Moral Reckoning 28
Goldhagen, Daniel Jonah & Sheehan, James J.
Caramelo 30
O'Connor, Kyrie & Cisneros, Sandra
Girl Meets God 32
Winner, Lauren F. & Sayers, Valerie
John Henry Newman 34
Turner, Frank M. & ARX, JEFFREY VON
A Badly Flawed Election:The Longest Night: The Vote 36
Dworkin, Ronald & Jacobson, Arthur J. & Rosenfeld, Michel & Sunstein, Cass R. & Epstein, Richard A. & Magarian, Gregory P.
Religion booknotes 38
Cunningham, Lawrence S.
En garde! 46
Cohen, Richard

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