Vol. 129 • May 2002 • No. 10

Correspondence 'The' church's 'The' crisis 2
Editorials When in Dallas 5
Et cetera Dunwoodie Seminary, Yonkers, N.Y. 6
George G Higgins, R.I.P. 7
Curran, Charles E.
Continuing the conversation Jesuits in denial 8
McDonough, Peter
Snake in the church 9
McGowan, Jo
Foreign aid Where the money goes 10
Lozada, Carlos
Church & state First Amendment concerns 11
Reagan, Kathleen
AMERICAN DESTINY Can the world survive U S foreign policy? 13
Pfaff, William
Sing-A-Long Sound of Music Dressed for the Alps Rand 18
Cooper, Richards
The Anatomy of Racial Inequality by Glenn Loury 20
Wycliff, Don
By the Lake by John McGahern 22
Breslin, John B.
Thirty Days on Retreat with the Exercises of Saint Ignatius by Paul Mariani 24
Ruddy, Deborah Wallace
A way forward Luke 31
Johnson, Timothy

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