Vol. 128 • April 2001 • No. 8

Cardinals, spies, historians 2
Whan that Aprill 5
Numero uno 6
Spiritual symptoms: The fine line between spirituality & psychology 7
Callahan, Sidney
U.S. myopia 8
Pfaff, Willaim
Warring stories: Vigilante violence by Israeli settlers 9
Burrell, David B.
MISPLACED NOSTALGIA: Demands for mandates are more a departure from than a return to traditional Catholic practice. 12
Porter, Jean
FINDING 'THE CATHOLIC THING': Catholic studies should be catholic 16
Crowley, Paul
KEEPING THE FAITH ON CAMPUS: Where have all the religious gone? 20
Morey, Melanie M. & Holtschneider, Dennis H.
Saint 21
Sasanov, Catherine
Heartbreakers The Brothers: Marital mischief 24
Cooper, Rand Richards
Jesuit Education 21 26
Tripole, Martin R. & O'Brien, Dennis
The Body Artist 28
DeLillo, Don & Deignan, Tom
At Home in the Cosmos 30
Huchingson, James E. & Toolan, David
Christianity in Jewish Terms 32
Frymer-Kensky, Tikva & Novak, David & Ochs, Peter & Sandmel, David Fox & Signer, Michael A. & Johnson, Luke Timothy
The territorial imperative 39
Feuerherd, Peter

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